Macbook Air Is HERE

The new Macbook 2011 offer, allows students a chance to receive a free Apple Macbook Air.  It is not limited to a number of winners, but given to all those that qualify.  

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Sony VAIO Laptop - Sponsored Scholarship

Mobility rules in the new millennium! Students can receive a FREE Sony Vaio laptop by participating in the contest!
This sleek, lightweight laptop burns rubber on the information superhighway!

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Apple iPad 2 ; Sponsored Scholars

Introducing the newest available product, the Apple iPad 2
Take advantage of this offer, and enter early.

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iPad Scholars

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Apple Macbook Air

This is a limited time offer, valid until October 20th, 2011.
It is very simple to apply for this Macbook Air, and there have already been 3 winners.  

You can apply directly here or visit the main site below to learn more.  


Opinion Direct - Win a Gateway Laptop!

Enter for a chance to win a Gateway Computer! It is a simple form, and easy to complete. There have been many winners in the past.

Laptop Delivery Contest

This contest is sponsored by LaptopDelivery.
Get started and get your laptop delivered to your door.

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Laptop Giveaway

Students who participate in this offer can win their choice of a HP Pavillion, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptop. Email address required

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Free Dell Laptop

Upgrade to a new Dell Laptop. Students who participate in this offer can receive a free Dell Laptop. Email address is required.


Free Sony Vaio Laptop

This one is a bit long, but worth the try. Participants can be selected to recieve a Free Sony Vaio Laptop.

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Mac Mini -Test and Keep (One Field

These test and keep offers are great for students. This one only requires one field to enter. Good luck.

Free Laptops - Pavilion vs Satellite vs Macbook

Pick your favorite laptop! Students who participate in this offer can win a Pavilion, Satellite, or Macbook laptop.

Dell vs Apple - Test and Keep

Who makes a better laptop? You decide! Students who participate in this offer are given the opportunity to test an Apple or a Dell laptop then keep the one they choose.

Winning Surveys - Win a Sony Vaio

Win the ultimate laptop. Students who participate can win a Sony Vaio Netbook.

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Win a Free Laptop

Many Colleges require students to have a laptop by the start of their first semester. Laptops are expensive and so is tuition for that matter.

This site provides students with the opportunity apply for a free laptop. The websites listed here are all either giveaways, or contests.

There is no limit to how many you can apply for,
So fill out all offers and hope for the best.

Good Luck and we hope you win!

Pick The Right Color, Win a Laptop

Anyone who participates in this offer, will have a chance to win one of many different kinds of Laptops.  The form is easy to complete, and results get back very quickly.

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Apple IPad Offer

Get the newest Apple product. Surfers who participate in this offer could receive a free Apple iPad. Email address, and the name of the school you currently attend is required.